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Patent Searches, Analysis, Availability and Clearance Services


We always consult with our clients to find out the specific type or purpose of a search so that we can ensure we meet with their expectations. Although different terminology is often used our services generally fall into the following categories.



Patentability/Novelty/Pre-examination Searches

A review of prior art to determine novelty and/or inventive step of a single method or apparatus in order to assist in making patent application decisions.



State of the Art/Collection Searches

A review of prior art to collect patents and literature directed to a single idea/concept to assist in patent portfolio development, competition scoping or R&D focus decisions.



Freedom to Operate/Clearance/Infringement Searches

A review of claims of patents or applications directed to a single specific technical method or apparatus, often associated with a product announcement.



Validity/Invalidity/Opposition Searches

A review of prior art (patent and non-patent literature) showing one or more of the claimed features of a patent or application, which predates the subject patents earliest priority date; assists in enforcing or defending the subject patents in litigation, licensing or opposition.



Landscape Study and Patent Mapping

An in depth analysis of the patent landscape in a specific technology area or market sector that includes detailed patent categorisation and analytic charting, to assist with competitive intelligence, due diligence information or R&D strategy guidance.



Patent Watch

A process for monitoring newly issued patents on a periodic basis to ascertain if any of these patents might be of interest.



Design Searches

A review of prior art (industrial designs, design patents) to determine one or more features shown on the targeted design, assists in industrial design application decisions.



Trade Mark Searches

We can conduct various trademark searches (proprietor name searches, due diligence trademark clearance searches etc.) based on the word or image trademarks and using Nice or Vienna classification systems.



If you feel the project you have does not fit into one of the above categories we are happy to construct a proposal to meet with any specific needs. In order to obtain a free non-obligatory search estimate please send your request to our email at info@jandbpartners.com. Our quotes are usually provided within 24 hours and can include different options to meet with different requirements.

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