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Patent Search Companies, Infringement, Freedom to Operate, Validity & Clearance Patent Searches


J&B Partners are a UK based firm which offers high quality research services through patent and technical literature to enable clients to make important decisions relating to innovation, research & development, litigation and the commercialisation of assets.


With over 15 years of experience in the research industry, our company offers a professional, flexible service which ensures we provide the most comprehensive investigations and analysis possible for the resources available


Patentability/novelty searches


Patentability searches are performed in order to give you a good indication of the likelihood of receiving a patent for your idea. Even though it is not a legal requirement, carrying out a patentability / novelty search prior to your application is the right move to make. This ensures that your idea is unique and suitable for a patent before you proceed to production.


Freedom to operate/infringement searches


A freedom to operate or infringement analysis involves searching through patent literature to find any record of an issued or pending patent to which your idea could be considered an infringement. If such a patent is found, your freedom to operate is limited.


Design and product patent searches


Before you begin production, it’s wise to instruct a patent searching service to check for any existing design or product patents. This will save you the time and money involved in creating a fantastic product which already exists and a design which you can’t patent.


Landscape study


A landscape study depicts the past and present activities of companies in the appropriate field of technology. This helps you to understand current and upcoming trends and explore the potential of a business opportunity.


Patent watch


J & B Partners monitor the activities of newly issued and pending patents on behalf of clients who are looking to gain the edge on their competitors in a range of fields.


Trademark searches


We conduct trademark searches in order to ensure that our clients’ proposed trademarks are not already in use by a business within the same industry. If a possible conflicting trademark is revealed, we help to check the status to see if it’s still live.


Validity / Invalidity searches


A validity or invalidity search is a comprehensive search which is conducted following the issue of a patent. This will either validate or invalidate the enforceability of a patent or its individual claims.


Clearance searches


Clearance searches are searches of international trademark registers to determine whether there are registered rights existing already for similar products or services.


We have a varied and international client base, working with small and large corporations and attorney firms, as well as individual inventors and Universities.


Global Patentability Searching Service


We are experienced in searching in English, French and German languages, covering European, US and Worldwide literature, and with an extensive knowledge of patent searching in Asian territories, we are well placed to give a truly global service.


We pride ourselves on offering a responsive and collaborative service to ensure our clients are given clear and concise reports which are tailored to their needs. We will always endeavour to provide a fast turnaround, without compromising on quality.


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